Zimbabwe $1,000,000 One Billion 2008 P-83 PMG 65 EPQ Gem Uncirculated - Graded Banknote

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Want to be a billionaire?

Hyper-inflation plagued the Zimbabwean dollar during the beginning of the century. In 2001, one United States dollar was equivalent to 100 Zimbabwean dollars. It skyrocketed from there. The government exchanged all remaining Zimbabwean denominated accounts in 2015 at a rate 1 U.S. dollar to 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars!

Country: Zimbabwe

Value: $1 Billion

Condition: PMG 65 EPQ Gem Uncirculated

Pick ID: 83

Issuer:  Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Date: 2008

Material: Paper

Features: Chiremba Rocks, Elephant, Zimbabwe Aloe


Notes: 2008 Currency Reform. Actual item shown in images.

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