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Whitman US Commemorative Half Dollar Coin Album 1935-1954 #4934

Whitman US Commemorative Half Dollar Coin Album 1935-1954 #4934

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  • This album includes 5 pages and holds all United States Commemorative Half Dollars from 1935 to 1954 
  • Clear plastic slides within each page ensure secure storage and allow for viewing of both sides of the coins, with thumb notch for easy removal
  • Information on each coin is imprinted under the port for the coin on the page
  • No coins or bullion included with this item

This Whitman Classic Album for US Commemorative Half Dollar 1935-1954 (Whitman model number 4934, formally 9160) consists of a dark blue leatherette binder with blue loose-leaf hinged pages. Both the binder and pages are gold stamped. The pages are held in the binder with two posts that screw apart so that pages can be added, removed and replaced with ease and have thumb notches for easy window removal. The album has a data sheet with mintages and other historical information.