Dansco US Sacagawea Dollars 2000-2023 with Proofs Album #8183

  • $ 48.95

  • Sacagawea Dollars 2000 to 2019 Dansco Album comes in a 7/8" binder with 5 pages and holds up to 45 coins. 
  • Dansco albums feature two gold-stamped posts within the brown leatherette binder to hold the pages in place
  • Clear plastic slides within each page ensure secure storage and allow for easy viewing of both sides of the coins
  • Made in USA * No coins or bullion are included with this product

Dansco Coin Albums have been a longtime companion for both expert numismatists and beginning coin collectors. The Sacagawea Dollars 2000 to 2019-S with Proof Dansco Album comes in a 7/8" binder and holds up to 36 coins. The album has 5 Dansco pages (series: 8183-1 to 8183-5), each one holding and displaying all Sacagawea dollars minted from 2000 to 2019 including the proof coins.