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Dansco Slipcase for 7/8" Coin Albums

Dansco Slipcase for 7/8" Coin Albums

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  • This Dansco slipcase fits all Dansco albums with a 7/8" binder 
  • Archival Quality Slipcase with Silver-Guard Corrosion Inhibiting Protection
  • Neutralizes corrosive gasses
  • Made in the U.S.A. * Album not included

Dansco 7/8" Archival Slipcase. The Dansco Archival Quality Slipcase has been manufactured with a 2-mil coating of Silver-Guard Corrosion-Inhibiting protection. This Military Specification material permanently neutralizes corrosive gases in the air that can cause toning and discoloration. Silver-Guard works with silver, gold, copper and nickel coins and medals, medallions, bars and ferrous metals. The Silver-Guard material in this slipcase will not remove existing toning. Dansco albums have always been manufactured with the best archival materials. This archival quality slipcase will offer increased protection for your collection.The 7/8" slipcase can be used with the following Dansco Albums: 7113, 6122, 8125, 6142, 7143, 8143, 8144, 6171, 8181, 7350, 7003, 7005, 7007, 7010, 7011, 7080, 7084, 7085, 7086.