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2021 S Proof Set Mint Packaged

2021 S Proof Set Mint Packaged

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(1) 2021 Proof Set, Mint Packaged, Certificate of Authenticity, Contains the following 7 coins: Native American Sacagawea $1 Coin, Kennedy half dollar, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, Lincoln penny, Washington Delaware Crossing Quarter and the last America the Beautiful Quarter in the series.

U.S. Mint Coin proof sets are a treasured cornerstone for any numismatic collection. With their unique design and official Certificate of Authenticity, they create beautiful gifts and wonderful keepsakes.

In order to create the coin’s sharp relief and a mirror-like background, the US Mint's specialized “proof” minting process requires manually feeding burnished coin blanks into presses where each coin is struck multiple times so the softly frosted and highly detailed images seem to float above the field. The coins are then packaged in a protective lens to showcase and maintain their exceptional finish.