2019 P Mighty Minters Ornament Half Dollar Uncirculated US Mint

  • $ 10.00

The ornament features Mighty Minters Eli, Layla, Timothy, and Kendra in vibrant, digitally printed colors. They are fun, approachable, and wholesome coin and collecting ambassadors to kids and adults alike!

The ornament features the reverse (tails) of a 2019 Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollar on the front. The coin is surrounded by the Mighty Minters, the words “UNITED STATES MINT” and “2019.”

A colorful United States Mint Seal is on the back of the ornament, along with “Made in the U.S.A.” and “2019 U.S. Mint.” The ornament is made of solid brass and imitation rhodium (silver look), and a silver cord is attached for ease of display at the holidays for years to come!

Information about the coin and the Mighty Minters featured on the ornament, along with the signature of the Director of the United States Mint, is located on the back of the packaging.

This attractive quality ornament is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled by hand in the U.S.A.

This gift is sure to bring a smile for anyone in your life!