2004 P & D US Mint Wrapped Westward Journey Peace Medal Nickel Roll

  • $ 24.95

Two original unopened US Mint wrapped Jefferson nickel rolls. Each roll contains 40 "Peace Medal" nickels, part of the Westward Journey Series released in 2004. The reverse side features a rendition of the original Indian Peace Medal commissioned for Lewis and Clark's expedition, bearing the likeness of America's third president on one side, and symbols of peace and friendship on the other. The medals were presented to Native American chiefs and other important leaders as tokens of goodwill at treaty signings and other events.

* Original unopened US Mint labeled P & D rolls.
* 40 Peace Medal Jefferson Nickels per roll. 80 coins in total.
* Features a circulating finish.
* One (P) Philadelphia Roll & One (D) Denver Roll.

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